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Schumer calls for changes in canned wine regulations

Jul 4, 2019

Senator Schumer joined several Finger Lakes wine makers as well as local officials and industry representatives at Fox Run Vineyards in Yates County. To produce canned wine, Finger Lakes wineries have to deal with regulations from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. Senator Schumer says the regulations are outdated and burdensome to the industry.

Credit Kelly Walker / Finger Lakes Public Radio

TTB regulations prevent winemakers from using the same standard twelve ounce cans as beer and soft drinks. This makes the cans hard to stock for retails. It’s also difficult for winemakers to find enough inventory from manufacturers.


Wine in can is popular with consumers in part for the sake of convenience. They can be taken to locations where glass is prohibited, for example.


Scott Osborn is the owner of Fox Run Vineyards. He says the popularity of wine in cans represents and opportunity for growth in the industry.


In addition to regulations on cans, Schumer is calling on the TTB to reduce costly wine labeling restrictions.