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Senator Chuck Schumer with wine industry representatives and local officials
Kelly Walker / Finger Lakes Public Radio

Schumer calls for changes in canned wine regulations

Senator Schumer joined several Finger Lakes wine makers as well as local officials and industry representatives at Fox Run Vineyards in Yates County. To produce canned wine, Finger Lakes wineries have to deal with regulations from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. Senator Schumer says the regulations are outdated and burdensome to the industry.

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New York, Charter reach settlement over broadband

Jul 12, 2019

(AP & WXXI News) New York regulators have approved a settlement with Charter Communications resolving a dispute over rural broadband. 

The state's Public Service Commission endorsed the deal Thursday. 

Under the terms, Charter must follow through on promises to provide broadband to 145,000 upstate customers an investment estimated to exceed $600 million, and pay the state $12 million for other broadband projects. 

Wegmans is alerting consumers to a scam that they say involves a fraudulent Facebook post using the company’s name.

The supermarket chain says the post shows the image of the Wegmans logo with a false claim that the company is giving away an $80 voucher for use in its stores. The company says the giveaway is neither affiliated with nor supported by Wegmans.  

Jo Natale, vice president of media relations, said, “We’re actively working to have this fraudulent post removed from Facebook. We urge consumers not to click it, share it, or provide any personal information.”

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP)  A group of parents is suing New York state in an effort to reinstate a religious exemption to vaccine mandates. 

The plaintiffs, represented by attorneys including Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., argue that state lawmakers violated the religious rights of parents when they repealed the exemption last month in the face of the nation's worst measles outbreak in decades. 

Kennedy joined several parents at a courthouse in Albany Wednesday, when the lawsuit was filed. Fifty five families have signed on as plaintiffs. 

One of the dangers of injecting drugs outside of a medical clinic is obvious: overdose.

Others are less obvious, but still pretty well understood: Sharing needles carries risks of viral infections.

The first lawsuit has been filed against New York's new law to permit undocumented immigrants to apply for driver's licenses as Gov. Andrew Cuomo continued to cast doubt on the effectiveness of the new law.

The lawsuit filed by Erie County Clerk Michael "Mickey" Kearns seeks court action to prevent the state from forcing county clerks who are against the new law to issue driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants.

Kearns. speaking a few days before the suit was filed, said he believes the New York law is unconstitutional.


Sen. Chuck Schumer called on the federal government and drug manufacturer Merck to address what he called a “critical shortage” of a bladder cancer drug.

For lakeshore property owners, there’s no quick fix to the high water levels, even though the organization that regulates those levels will continue with record outflows from Lake Ontario.

The International Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Board said the current outflow measures will help provide both immediate and long-term relief to all affected upstream shoreline residents and property owners.

Bryce Carmichael, U.S. secretary for the board, said the board has deliberated several outflow strategies.

RIT professors and staff are involved in an effort to find solutions to the huge amounts of food waste generated in New York State and across the U.S.

Rob Buono is the manager of Bay Side Pub on Lake Road in Webster.

He says between the high water levels on Lake Ontario and a rainy spring and summer, things have been slower than usual, but he’s trying to make the best of it.

"We made up these hats, that say come hell or high water, the bay side is open and that’s been out motto this summer."

Buono says their backyard is under water, but they still have outdoor seating and space for live music and events, so it could be a lot worse.

The Lake Ontario St. Lawrence River Alliance has been rallying against lake level management Plan 2014, saying it is responsible for flooding and property damage along the south shore.

In a press release, the Alliance announced they are taking several steps toward legal action against the International Joint Commission, the group responsible for overseeing Great Lakes management.

Specifically, they’re asking President Trump to revoke an executive order that exempts the IJC from lawsuits.