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St. Peter's Community Arts Academy Hosts Virtual Dinner with the Arts

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St. Peter’s Community Arts Academy’s Senior Choir is one of many opportunities the nonprofit organization offers members of the Geneva community. St. Peter’s Community Arts Academy has provided music and dance instruction since 2005. This Sunday is the annual Dinner with the Arts fundraising event. Camren Derby-Lynch is a student at St. Peter’s Community Arts Academy.

“This heavily supports our trip to Europe. The Senior Choir plans to go on a trip to Europe next year, I believe.”


That hope and optimism that instruction and performances will return to normal follows a year in pandemic that has disrupted everything at St. Peter’s Community Arts Academy just as it has the entire community says Troy Slocum, the head of the piano studio.


“The Monday that we were told we couldn’t do in person lessons anymore, on Tuesday I started right in trying to figure out how I was going to do this and it took a good few weeks to kind of get into a groove with it.”


Slocum had to deal with the sorts of technical issues we’ve all had to deal with learning how to use a variety of video conferencing platforms. In Slocum’s case that also meant adapting to teaching students on their own pianos that could often use a good tuning, among other technical issues. That said, he says it’s worked more often than not.


“I just felt so fortunate that my families stuck with me through the pandemic and were willing to do the online lessons and really put a lot of effort into making that happen and keeping us going. So, I’m very grateful for that.”


That sense of community is pervasive when I talk to St. Peter’s Community Arts Academy’s supporters, faculty, and students.


“The music itself," says Derby-Lynch, "it may sound a little cliche, but I feel like the people at St. Peter’s, everyone there, is just family. They all care about you. They all will ask how you’re doing. They’re just really nice and positive.”


A year of pulling together to teach and perform music virtually has informed this year’s 10th Annual Dinner with the Arts. St. Peter’s Community Arts Academy is offering a virtual silent auction, which is underway now. A four course dinner provided by Beef & Brew can be reserved through Friday morning for pickup on Sunday. And, there will be a video presentation that revisits the past year, news of building renovations, student performances, and awards including an Alumni award for Changhee Lee who we are hearing right now.


More information and tickets for St. Peter’s Community Arts Academy’s 10th Annual Dinner with the Arts is at

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