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City of Geneva Tries New Winter Parking Plan

A City of Geneva winter parking restrictions sign
Kelly Walker
Finger Lakes Public Radio

The City of Geneva held a series of public meetings this year to ask residents what they think of parking in the City. City Manager Matt Horn says there’s a lot of frustration with regulations.

“One of the biggest frustrations, particularly right now, is that we make people move their car from one parking lot to another or from one side of the street to the other or off the street completely in anticipation of a snow storm that may or may not come from December 1st to April 1st.”

Some of these regulations were written in the 60s and 70s. Last week the City announced a pilot program that will try to take advantage of technologies that weren’t available when those regulations were drafted.

“So what residents are able to do now is to go to the city’s website and give us your email address and a cell phone number and we will email you or text you and let you know tonight we’re going to be enforcing so you’ll want to get off the street.”

The form to sign up for winter parking notification is at www.cityofgenevany.com. Notifications will be sent out at 8 PM when weather warrants.

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