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Contest will Name New Cornell Grape

Jul 24, 2017

Scientists at Cornell University are bringing a new seedless table grape to market and they’re inviting the public to help name it.

This isn’t the first time that Cornell has drawn upon the creativity of the public in naming a grape. But since that contest in 2012, seeking names from the public has had some unexpected results. Britain famously declined the name a research vessel Boaty McBoatface, though a Swedish railway firm decided just this past week that Trainy McTrainface was fine. It’s an issue professor of grapevine breeding and genetics in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Bruce Reisch was well aware of going into the contest.


Credit Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

"I can, I guess, happily tell you that the number two suggestion is Grapey McGrapeface at this point. However, we’re not running this contest as a vote. There will be a final vote on the top five grape names that are acceptable both to Double A Vineyards, which will be the exclusive marketing agent for this particular grape and acceptable to me as a grape breeder with some professional responsibilities."

If you want to submit a name for the new grape, you can email your suggestion to nameit@cornell.edu. There’s also a link to a website for submissions. Names will be accepted until July 31st. The final public vote will happen in September.