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Listening session on regulating marijuana to be held in Rochester on Thursday

Oct 9, 2018
Originally published on October 3, 2018 4:00 pm

A series of listening sessions are being held across the state on regulating marijuana.

The sessions hope to garner input from community members and key stakeholders on the implementation of a regulated marijuana system in New York.

Fifteen events will be conducted around the state, wrapping up this month.

In January, Gov. Andrew Cuomo commissioned a multi-agency study led by the Department of Health to assess the impact of such a program.

The study found that the positive impacts of a regulated marijuana market in the state outweigh the potential negative impacts and that areas that may be of concern can be mitigated with regulation and public education.

Rochester's listening session is being held Thursday, Oct. 4, at the Riverside Convention Center. It’s at 6 p.m. and is free.

The event will cover issues like reducing illicit marijuana use, youth marijuana use, maintaining New York state’s commitment to traffic safety and the use of tax revenue for public good.

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