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After nearly 600 days, Red Wings baseball will return to Rochester this spring

Feb 19, 2021
Originally published on February 18, 2021 3:21 pm

The Rochester Red Wings announced their intention Thursday to field a 142-game schedule with the home opener scheduled for April 13 - 589 days after their last game at Frontier Field.

Naomi Silver, president and COO of Rochester Community Baseball, said the decision was made by Major League Baseball in concert with other teams in the International League. She’s anxious to get the team back on the field.

“It's very exciting we haven’t had this much optimism for some time, so this is great news,” said Silver.

The expectation is to have some fans at games, according to Silver. Ticketing information has not been released yet. Possible protocols like COVID-19 testing and social distancing for fans and players are still being worked out with the county and state health departments. Capacity will likely be limited but Silver hopes improving COVID-19 infection rates will allow the team to let more fans in over time.

The Red Wings missed their first season in more than a century last year. The Toronto Blue Jays taxi squad used the stadium last year while the Blue Jays played in Buffalo. 

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