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Diversity Statement

WEOS Diversity Statement

WEOS recognizes and values diversity in everything we do.

We believe a diverse workforce, management team, governing body and Community Advisory Board greatly contributes to our knowledge and understanding of our own organization and the communities we serve. Diversity makes us stronger and enhances our ability to deliver content and services that aid in attracting, growing, and engaging audiences.

Central to our mission, vision, and values is maintaining -- and encouraging -- an environment that embraces and celebrates the power of diversity. As such, we strive to create and foster a space where all individuals can be successful in reaching their full potential within the organization. This effort is achieved by honoring and respecting the personalities and capabilities of each individual in their respective roles.

WEOS will continue to explore new opportunities for achieving and promoting diversity, as well as monitoring and evaluating our continuum of success.

In addition, our licensee, Hobart & William Smith Colleges, has its own Diversity Initiative and Plan which can be found here: