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Tom Reed declares victory; Mitrano won't concede

Nov 4, 2020
Originally published on November 4, 2020 1:58 am

With nearly all the districts counted in Tuesday’s voting, it appears Republican Tom Reed is on his way to a 5th term, but his Democratic challenger Tracey Mitrano is not yet conceding.

With most districts in overnight, Reed was leading Mitrano by a 61 to 35% margin. The Associated Press also said Reed would keep the seat.

When Reed made remarks Tuesday night and declared victory, he did offer some praise for Mitrano, who also ran and lost against him two years ago.

“I recognize, anybody who runs for public office, and I respect by opponent Tracy and I give her credit for running and I give her credit for running for 4 years, but I would just tell you, it’s about uniting everyone, it’s about uniting the 23rd Congressional District.”

The 23rd Congressional district includes several counties in the Southern Tier  and the Finger Lakes and part of Ontario County.

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