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Under the Covers Brings the Music of Blondie to Geneva


Tonight at 7:30, the Cracker Factory on Geneva’s north side hosts an Under the Covers concert. It’s the seventh in the series.

“Part of it was a reflection of the diversity of musical talent we have in Geneva and the Finger Lakes. It was also partly a fundraiser for the 3 Stories non-profit that runs the artistic events in the Cracker Factory space. And, a way to get a bunch of bands together to play awesome music and make sure they got paid as well.”


Kevin Dunn is one of the people who picks the bands that play and the artist they cover. Past concerts have featured the music of James Brown, Prince, David Bowie, Madonna, and tonight it’s Blondie.



“The idea is to bring together four eclectic, very different musical bands and have a great party. Then we talk about who’s going to cover what songs so that everyone’s not covering ‘Call Me’ or ‘Heart of Glass’ or what have you.”


The bands tonight include Burned Out Suns, Stargroove, Bell’s Roar, and Agonal Rhythm.


Dunn says the list of artists they’re considering for future Under the Covers concerts is long and he receives suggestions all the time...especially for the music of Blondie.



“I have to say, I have two daughters, 13 and 10 years old, who are Blondie obsessed and have been asking when we’re going to have Blondie as the featured artist for a couple of years now. So, they’ve been the biggest advocate for getting Blondie on this showcase.”


Under the Covers: An Evening of Blondie happens at The Cracker Factory on Geneva’s north side tonight at 7:30.

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