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Demonstrators Gather at Rep. Reed's Geneva Office


Demonstrators opposing a variety of Trump administration policies, nominees and appointments gathered in front of the office of Congressman Tom Reed in downtown Geneva Tuesday afternoon. The crowd filled the sidewalk for the length of the block where the office is located. Liza Abraham held a sign with a photo of her Syrian immigrant great-grandfather standing behind the counter of the business he once owned just down the street.

“My great-grandfather’s business was George’s Candy right down there on Exchange and Tillman. So, the Syrian community in Geneva goes back a long way. They helped to build this city. Now, we have a situation over there where you have a minority ruling class oppressing another ethno-religious group. I think both the principles of Christianity and American principles demand we extend a helping hand to the people who need it.”

Other demonstrators carried signs displaying opposition to the new administration’s policies on a Mexican border wall, immigration, and ACA repeal as well as the President’s cabinet nominees and staff appointments. Demonstrators plan to gather again Tuesday at 4:00 p.m.

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