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Wegmans and Tops announce additional safety measures


Both Wegmans and Tops are updating how their protocols are evolving to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wegmans has implemented ‘employee wellness checks,’ where they are now requiring employees to go through a wellness check before the start of each shift. During the screening, employees are asked to answer a few questions and Wegmans is also in the process of rolling out temperature checks at all of their stores.

Anyone exhibiting symptoms, or with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher, will be asked to go home (with pay) and contact their medical provider. Anyone who doesn’t have a doctor can take advantage of a telemedicine option for the care they need.

In terms of protocols for Wegmans employees who test positive for the virus, Wegmans says on its website that:

“The personal health information of our employees is private. At all times, we strive to protect the identity of our employees and respect their privacy, while still keeping everyone safe as we provide a vital service to our communities.

If an employee tests positive for COVID-19, we thoroughly investigate each situation in partnership with the local health department, as follows:

A triage team of experts has an immediate, in-depth conversation with the employee to offer support, determine when symptoms started and with whom they had close contact. If needed, we’ll also review schedules, time punches, and in-store video footage.

We connect with any employees who are determined to be at risk for the transmission of the virus, take them out of work, and pay them through our COVID Disability Paid Sick Leave for the length of their quarantine.

We provide information to the local health department to confirm who should be quarantined and for how long.

If it is determined there is a risk to the general public, we will partner with the local health departments to alert our people and customers.”


Tops announced that beginning this week, it will be rolling out additional safety measures as well. That includes providing all employees with cloth face masks. That is in addition to 5,000 face shields already distributed to its workforce.  Wegmans recently announced that it would be supplying face masks to its employees in line with federal guidelines designed to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Sunday that he would sign an executive order directing employers to provide essential workers with a cloth or surgical face mask for employees to wear when they directly interact with the public.

Tops also said on Monday that it is 90% complete with the installation of Plexiglas on both sides of its registers and has completed the installation of Plexiglas at all of its customer service desks, pharmacy and fuel stations.

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