Says You - recording live at The Smith Opera House

Thanks to everyone who attended a sultry evening in Geneva with the cast of Says You for a night of silliness and great radio! Get ready to laugh your way through Friday night as Says You's panelists think fast on their feet and smart on their tongues to keep everyone guessing if that ludicrous-sounding defintion for a word is actually real or just calculated to fool everyone!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

When will the Smith Opera House tapings air?
It takes about two weeks for a taping to be edited into a final show and distributed to all affiliates. There were two shows taped in Geneva (the Smith) on June 4th, and two more taped in Syracuse on June 5th. We don't know the final order they'll be broadcast in, but that quartet will air beginning June 19th...although the series might be interrupted by a special July 4th broadcast. If Richard knows for sure, he's not telling - he likes surprises! :-)

Can I download the episodes?
MP3 audio files are available for sale (only 95 cents each!) at the Says You! Archive.

Episode 1 from the Smith Opera House, Geneva
Episode 2 from the Smith Opera House, Geneva

What stations can I hear the show on?
WEOS normally airs the half-hour edition of Says You at 4pm on Saturdays. In honor of this special event, we will ALSO air the full hour-long editions at 12 noon on Sundays. The usual Car Talk Sunday broadcast will return on July 18th or thereabouts.

If you're outside the WEOS listening area you can also try WRVO in Syracuse which airs Says You on Saturdays at 12n and Sundays at 11am.

What's with the references to Reunion?
The same weekend that Says You came to the Smith was also Hobart & William Smith Colleges Reunion weekend, also in Geneva, NY. Some alums were in the audience, too!

Any pictures from the evening?
Yes! Below is a small sampling of the pictures. If you want more, you'll have to visit our Facebook page.

Host Richard Sher tasks the panelists with defining a fake word!

Panelists Carolyn Fox, Arnie Reisman and Paula Lyons.

Richard succumbs to a truly awful pun.

Richard knows he's got someone nailed!

WEOS General Manager Aaron Read introduces the show.

Johnny Russo of the East Hill Classic Jazz Quartet.

The Quartet provided the musical accompaniment for the evening!

A generic pic of the panelists for Says You!

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