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An update on the probe into allegations against the Hobart and William Smith President

Apr 11, 2018
Originally published on April 4, 2018 5:43 pm

A top official with Hobart and William Smith Colleges is providing some more details about the investigation into questions raised concerning allegations of plagiarism against the president of that Geneva-based institution.

The recent allegations against Gregory Vincent, who was just appointed to the president’s post last year, are that the dissertation he did for his doctorate in education repeatedly uses long passages from other works without properly identifying them.

In a letter sent out this week to members of the Hobart and William Smith community, Board of Trustees Chair Thomas Bozzuto says that the board has begun a comprehensive and fair investigation.

He also says the local college has consulted with the University of Pennsylvania, which awarded the doctorate to Vincent, and is doing its own assessment of the situation.

Bozzuto says Hobart and William Smith has also contracted with outside reviewers who are also examining the allegations.  He says it’s expected that analysis will take about two weeks.

Bozzuto says that the board’s highest concern is the integrity of the colleges. He also says no one wants to rush to judgment.

Bozzuto’s email said that, “This is institutionally important for Hobart and William Smith and personally critical to the career and reputation of President Vincent.  Our goal is to have the information necessary to make a fully informed and thoughtful decision regarding next steps.”

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