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Finger Lakes LPG Opponents Visit Albany

Feb 12, 2016

Credit Gas Free Seneca

Groups opposed to the proposed Crestwood liquefied petroleum gas facility on Seneca Lake took their case to Albany Thursday. The group, including Finger Lakes winemakers, elected officials and activists traveled by bus to Albany to voice their opposition at the state capital. Todd Hobler is the vice-president of the 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East. His opposition to the proposed facility extends beyond health concerns.

"And it’s also an issue of jobs and the economy in the region," Hobler said. "There are 58,000 tourist-related, wine industry jobs. The Crestwood project at its best estimate is a dozen permanent jobs. We think it doesn’t make sense to threaten the water and the local economy with this project.”

The group held a press conference and passed a binder of their statements to the Governor’s office. Representatives of Crestwood were in attendance, but declined comment.