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Caitlin Whyte

Caitlin joins WXXI after working down the street at Stephens Media Group where, she co hosted a children's radio show, "Saturday Morning CarTunes" on WARM 101.3 and worked as a traffic reporter for various affiliates.

Prior to that, she lived in Western Alaska where she worked for KNOM in Nome.  When she was not engrossed in all things Iditarod, Caitlin served as the community and education spot producer and hosted the weekday morning program.

Originally from Rochester, Caitlin graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh with a B.S in Audio/Radio Production and Broadcast Management. She is excited to make the jump to public radio and host Weekend Edition.


A historic park in Canandaigua will be getting an upgrade soon.

Sonnenberg Gardens, a historic state park built on a 19th century estate will be expanding soon, thanks to new land acquired from the nearby U.S. Army Reserve building.

Senator Chuck Schumer has been pushing the ownership transfer for over three years, saying investing in the Gardens is an investment in the Finger Lakes economy.

Senator Chuck Schumer visited a farm in Avon to call on US trade officials to fix trade between Canada and the US regarding dairy products during upcoming NAFTA negotiations.

Locally, these policies have effected places like Oatka Milk.

"In 2012, OATKA invested about $16 million to make something called Ultra Filtered milk and Ultra Filtered milk is used in cheese making and other things, and Canada very much needed it. And the whole purpose in expanding was to send the Ultra Filtered milk to Canada. “


Members of MetroJustice and the Out Alliance are calling for the end of what they say is a discriminatory legal defense.

Gay or Trans panic is a legal defense in New York and most states. After a violent crime, defendants can argue that the discovery of a victim’s sexual orientation or gender identity sparked a panic that caused them to react with violence.

It can sometimes result in lesser charges or lighter sentences.

The Canandaigua VA Medical Center held a groundbreaking ceremony Tuesday to launch the construction of a new outpatient clinic space.

The project was awarded in January and will be managed by the United States Army Corp of Engineers.

David Price, Major Project Manager at the Medical Center says phase one is a revamp of outpatient services.

"Specifically primary care and specialty care, and will include new space for radiology and our dental programs, as well as some administrative spaces."

Following the release of an independent investigation on Thursday about the handling of sexual harassment allegations against University of Rochester Professor Florian Jaeger, those who had filed the complaint with a federal agency expressed disappointment, frustration and anger.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand was in Rochester Monday announcing bipartisan legislation to expand the Small Business Administration’s microloan program, helping women and minority owned businesses succeed.

The Microloan Modernization Act will strengthen the current program, Gillibrand said, by raising the total limit on outstanding loans from intermediary lenders, which would allow for more loans to be made.  

A report from the Center for an Urban Future shows that within three years, just 26% of community college students in the Finger Lakes graduate. This number is only slightly higher than the rest of the state, graduating at 25%.

Senior fellow for economic opportunity at the Center, Tom Hilliard, says these numbers are not good enough, but believes change can be made.

A possible change to school calendars would give districts more flexibility in scheduling.

A proposal made by the New York State Education Department would switch from a 'number of school days per year' guideline, to hours per year.

Right now, the department requires schools be in session 180 days a year, something that can easily get messed up by parent teacher conferences or snow days.

Spokesperson for the Rochester City School District Carlos Garcia says this would also help college prep students who attend some classes at MCC.

Canandaigua Republican Brian Kolb says he will be running for New York Governor next year .

Kolb spoke with WXXI News Tuesday morning, saying he believes his blend of private and public sector experience make him the best candidate.

"Going forward, you really have to want to make the dedication and sacrifice required to serve our state on a 24/7 basis."

Kolb says he believes New Yorkers want a governor who will listen to them despite party affiliation, and that most are worried about the same issues.

The annual ROC the Day donation event is Tuesday, giving the community an opportunity to support local not-for-profit organizations.

Juli Geyer, Director of Communications at the United Way of Rochester says the 24-hour giving extravaganza has 525 participants this year from the nine-county Greater Rochester area.

"It gives an opportunity to the nonprofits that are doing such great work to get an end of the year boost and to connect the donors to so many great, worthy organizations all in one spot."