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Keuka Spring Vineyards Awarded Governor's Cup

The 33rd New York Wine Classic announced its winners Wednesday afternoon. The Governor’s Cup once again went to a Finger Lakes wine, a 2017 Gewurtztraminer from Keuka Spring Vineyards. It’s not a common varietal to take top honors, but winemaker August Deimel says it’s a grape that shows off the unique qualities of the Finger Lakes.

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Dozens of groups push to lift broad nuclear subsidies

Aug 9, 2018

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP & WXXI News) — Some 130 environmental groups are taking aim at New York's nuclear subsidies.

The coalition, led by the Alliance for a Green Economy, wrote to Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday urging him to overhaul the subsidies so New Yorkers who would prefer cleaner forms of energy can opt out. Groups including Earthjustice, the Sierra Club and Food and Water Watch signed on to the letter.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is making the rounds of national news programs now that he has become the target of a lawsuit by the National Rifle Association.

Cuomo, a gun control advocate, is asking other states to join him in fighting what he said is an “extremist” organization. The NRA said it’s Cuomo who has a political “vendetta” against the group that could lead to its demise.

Some New York lawmakers are among those criticizing a TSA proposal to allow thousands of passengers a day to board commercial flights at smaller and mid-sized American airports without TSA screening.

Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., says scrapping this kind of security would be a disaster waiting to happen. He sent a letter to the TSA administrator, suggesting the idea risks national security in the post-9/11 world and asking that current passenger screening be maintained.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., agrees, and she expects there will be congressional oversight on this.

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — The 500-plus 'I Love NY' highway signs at the center of a spat between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and federal transportation officials are going nowhere fast.

The Federal Highway Administration says the signs arrayed in groups along the state's highways have to be removed because they contain too much information and could be distracting.

Last summer, businesses and property owners across Lake Ontario did not expect to have a booming tourism season.

After months of flooding, many people were working to repair their property well in to the summer.

In spite of this, a new report shows tourism increased across the state last year, including those lakeside regions. Monroe and Ontario County each saw about a three percent increase in traveler spending.

Traveler spending is a broad category that includes everything from lodging to food service to retail to recreation.

Cuomo to seek dismissal of NRA lawsuit

Aug 9, 2018

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says New York is filing a motion to dismiss a federal lawsuit by the National Rifle Association that accuses state regulators of harming its financial stability and violating its First Amendment rights.

The NRA filed the lawsuit in May after the Cuomo administration urged banks and insurance companies to weigh the reputational risk of business ties to the gun rights group.

New York State has cut many of the  health insurance increases proposed earlier this year by insurance companies.

Financial Services Superintendent Maria Vullo says that the Department of Financial services has reduced health insurers’ 2019 requested rates for the individual market overall by 64%. The rates for small group plans were cut by 50% overall.

“Maybe the cows tip ‘em off when they’re milking them…”

That’s how comedian Jerry Seinfeld explores the question of who determines the expiration dates on milk cartons in one of his better known routines.

The state Education Department has announced it made an error in the distribution of some federal funding that favored the state’s charter schools over public schools.

State Education Commissioner Mary Ellen Elia took full responsibility for the mistake. She said a misreading of a new federal funding formula gave $12 million more to 275 charter schools in the state at the expense of 677 public school districts, including some of the poorest schools in New York.

The Democratic front-runner in the primary race for attorney general, Tish James, said if she’s elected, she’d be independent of her political ally, Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

James, who is in her second term as New York City’s public advocate, was nominated by the state Democratic Party to be its candidate. She’s appeared frequently in public with the top of the ticket, Andrew Cuomo, who’s seeking a third term as governor.

“Today we join with our great governor, who has led the way,” James said at a gun control rally with Cuomo on June 11.